New High Def Video Solution out now

New High Def Video Solution out now

  • New High Def Video Solution out now


Introducing the new V2 Video Kit.

MoTeC's new High Definition video system has arrived. The V2 itself is a small, self-contained unit with recording components and camera all-in-one. It has been purpose built for motorsport using a high quality camera, Autosport connector and robust enclosure.

Like our previous models, it features genuine high definition video, Automatic Start/Stop and live gauges that can be recorded onto the V2 video footage with no need for post-processing. There is also new software, V2 Video Manager, for configuring the video, audio, CAN and live gauge sets.

MoTeC supplies the V2 in a complete kit, with mounting hardware, memory card and loom.



The V2 Video Kit contains:

  • V2 Recording Unit

  • Power and Comms Loom

  • 32 GB Micro SD Card with SD card adaptor

  • V2 Mounting Kit

  • V2 Camera Mount

An optional mount with a glass lens cover will soon be available to help protect the camera from debris when it is mounted externally.

Find out more and download the software.