510 Five Ten_ HDT HDMI Telemetry System

High Definition Telemetry HDT

Stream live video, audio, and telemetry to any location with a secure internet connection.


  • Install HDT directly into the car.
  • Connect a GoPro, V-Box, or any HDMI device to the HDMI port.
  • Connect MoTeC, Bosch, or Cosworth RS232 telemetry stream to the Auto-sport connector.

Pit-box and Remote Users

  • Receive live in-car video, audio, and telemetry with a secure internet connection.
  • View live streaming video through VLC, YouTube Live, Twitch, and or Facebook Live.
  • Receive In-car telemetry through MoTeC, Bosch, or Cosworth software set to receive via UDP.

      Video Stream Features

      • HDMI input Go Pro, V-Box, HD Camera, PC Blue-ray, IP TV Box.
      • H.264 encoding Protocol UDP, HTTP, RTSP, RTMP, ONVIF
      • MPEG1
      • 1080p@60HZ HD video input
      • 16Kbps~16Mbps CBR/VBR rate
      • Remote Management
      • OSD Settings
      • Text and Logo to Stream

      Telemetry Features

      • WWAN. 4G LTE 150 Mbps Down, 50 Mbps Up.
      • Dual SIM card slot. Automatic Fail-Over
      • LAN/WAN switchable. RJ45 port.
      • Car Telemetry. Transmit MoTeC, Cosworth, and Bosch.
      • RS232 Baud-rate 115 Kbps
      • Receive car telemetry via RS232 or UDP

      Live Streaming Applications

      • VLC Player
      • YouTube Live
      • Twitch
      • Facebook Live
      • IBM Cloud U Stream


      • Casting black carbon fiber nylon
      • Operating temp -31° F to 167° F (-35° C to 75° C)
      • Power 8-28 V, 20W
      • Dimensions 5.3”x5.3”x1.66.”
      • Weight 0.875 (lb)
      510 Five Ten_ HDT HDMI Telemetry System

      Data Plan

      RS232 Telemetry Enable
      Verizon Monthly Data Plan
      Verizon and ATT Automatic Fail-Over Monthly Data Plans
      Verizon Annual Data Plan

      Verizon and ATT Automatic Fail-Over Annual Data Plans


      External Car Antenna with 10 Foot Coax Cable
      RS232 Telemetry Enable
      Underbody Window Car Antenna with 7 Foot Coax Cables
      6' Autosport Extension Cable. Power and Telemetry
      HDMI Go PRO 6 Foot Cable
      HDMI Vbox 6 Foot Cable
      Race Week Rental Telemetry 

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