510 Five Ten_ PLT Pit Lane Telemetry System


Pit Lane Telemetry Modem allows internet access used in conjunction with 510 devices.

  • Verizon and AT&T US Data plans.
  • Optional: Canadian Data plans.
  • Optional: European Data plans and hardware.
  • Optional: Transfer lines to company team accounts.


  • Operating Temperature = -22° F to 158° F


  • Remote Management. Remote configuration, real-time diagnostic data.
  • Optional: Conditional email diagnostic and text messages.
  • Tested with Bosch, Cosworth, and MoTeC
  • Bootup Time = 30 seconds
  • Multi Transmit. Transmit serial data to multiple receivers.
  • 1st SMA primary cellular antenna.
  • 2nd SMA MIMO antennas connection.
  • Dual SIM slots enclosed inside.
  • Optional: Dual or Canadian SIMs. Request for SIM upgrade.


  • Dimensions = 4” (L)x 3” (W)x1” (H)
  • Weight = 0.5 lbs. (220 grams)
  • Status LEDs = Service, Signal, Power
  • Enclosure = Aluminum

Power Requirements

  • Input Voltage = 8.0 to 32 VDC
  • Power consumption 3.5W idle; 15W Peak


  • Two 50 Ω SMA female antenna connectors
  • Dual SIM Slots. Primary and secondary carrier.
  • UDP output with pit lane internet connection.100Mbps.

Data Plan

Verizon Monthly Data Plan

Verizon and ATT Automatic Fail-Over Monthly Data Plans
Verizon Annual Data Plan

Verizon and ATT Automatic Fail-Over Annual Data Plans


Pit Lane Directional Antenna and 30' Coax 
Race Week Rental Telemetry 

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