AEM AIR/Fuel Monitoring

AEM’s 4-Channel Wideband UEGO Controller is a must for racers who want to monitor and/or tune individual cylinder AFR using a standalone engine management system for maximum engine performance and reliability. It allows users to simultaneously monitor individual cylinder Air/Fuel Ratios (AFR) on up to four cylinders and can monitor 8 individual cylinders with the addition of a second unit (up to 12 cylinders by daisy chaining three units together using AEMnet CAN bus). AEM's optional exhaust backpressure compensation kit allows racers with turbos to mount the sensors pre-turbo for accurate, responsive AFR readings in every cylinder. If you want the absolute best tune and most accurate engine air/fuel ratios there is no substitute for using the 4-Channel Wideband UEGO AFR Controller.

PLEASE NOTE: The AEM 4-Channel Wideband UEGO AFR Controller includes one Bosch wideband sensor and one stainless steel stand-off sensor bung. Additional sensors and bungs are sold as a kit and are available below (PN-30-2063). If you have a turbocharged racecar and want to mount the wideband sensors pre-turbo, you will need to purchase and install the Exhaust Backpressure Compensation Kit below (PN 30-2064).

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      • Allows for monitoring of individual cylinder AFRs for maximum engine power and safety
      • Two status lights per sensor for error detection and operating status
      • Pair multiple units together for use on 6, 8, 10 or 12 cylinders
      • Compact (4.8" x 4.55" x 1.44"), weather & shock proof enclosure
      • Accurate to 0.1 AFR
      • One Bosch Wideband UEGO sensor and one stainless weld-in bung included (see Buy/Instructions tab for additional sensors/bungs)
      • No free air calibration required—ever
      • AEMnet compatible


      AEM’s 4-Channel Wideband UEGO Controller kit (PN 30-2340) includes one (1) 4-channel wideband UEGO controller, complete wiring harness, installation instructions and one (1) wideband UEGO sensor with stainless-steel, finned stand-off bung. Additional sensor & bung kits are sold separately (PN#30-2063) for two-cylinder and larger engines. Exhaust back pressure kit (PN#30-2064) is also sold separately.

      The 4-Channel Wideband Controller can read the following AFR values (values before exhaust backpressure compensation):

      0-5V Output/AEMnet Gasoline values from 8.5 to 18:1 AFR
      0-5V Output/AEMnet E85 values from 5.7 to 11.9:1 AFR
      0-5V Output/AEMnet Ethanol values from 5.2 to 11:1 AFR
      0-5V Output/AEMnet Methanol values from 3.7 to 7.8: AFR
      0-5V Output/AEMnet Lambda values from 0.58 to 1.22

      By monitoring exhaust backpressure, AEM’s 4-Channel Wideband UEGO Controller is able to consistently deliver accurate AFR readings that are unaffected by pre-turbo back pressure. Sensors can be mounted pre-turbo when used with AEM’s optional Exhaust Back Pressure kit (PN#30-2064). This eliminates the need for averaged post-turbo AFR readings on turbocharged applications and allows users to extract peak performance from their engines.

      AEM’s 4-Channel Wideband UEGO Controller uses specially-designed, stainless-steel sensor mounting bungs to withstand the extreme temperatures of pre-turbo exhaust ports. The fins on the bung reduce the temperature of the sensor body to extend sensor life, and the extended bung length allows only the sensor tip to protrude into the exhaust flow to minimize flow restrictions.

      Since not all programmable engine management systems can accept four separate inputs, AEM’s 4-Channel Wideband UEGO Controller includes a CAN-BUS datastream output that provides users with the ability to datalog for each individual cylinder without tying up all of the ECU’s channels. The unit also includes four 0-5v analog outputs for each AFR channel.

      Bosch 4.2LSU sensors are laboratory calibrated at the factory. They deliver unsurpassed accuracy and NEVER require free-air calibration when used with an AEM controller.

      AEM’s 4-Channel Wideband UEGO Controller includes green and red LED lights for each channel that provide immediate reference to system status or to indicate an error. The LEDS provide immediate confidence that the system is operational and helps eliminate trouble shooting if an error occurs.

      The 4-Channel Wideband UEGO Controller is housed in a weather-proof housing that repels dirt, dust and debris, and is vibration resistant. Mount it virtually anywhere!

      • Four unique differential analog outputs
      • CAN output for use with AEMnet-enabled devices
      • Exhaust back pressure compensation to correct AFR readings on wideband sensors mounted pre-turbo (sold separately)
      • Two status lights per sensor for error detection and operating status
      • Stainless-steel bungs are specially designed for use in individual port applications and feature a finned, stand-off design that cools the sensor body and minimizes exhaust port restriction

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