AiM MultiChron Stopwatch

Time up for four racers simultaneously

MultiChron stopwatch is an handy and versatile digital lap timer suited for any racing situation that can track up to four different racers simultaneously. Its generous memory lets you record 99 laps per driver with up to 9 splits per competitor per lap. Moreover you can quickly see best laps and scroll all competitors' lap times to review the race.
Black, lightweight (100 g batteries included) despite its rugged, appealing case, equipped with a bright display, MultiChron is the ideal tool for any kind of competition.

Special Start Modes

MultiChron stopwatch features 2 different starting modes to match a variety of racing situations:

  • "One Start" mode allows you to activate the start for all competitors pressing one only button: for races where all competitors start at the same time.
  • "Multi Start" mode allows you to activate the start for each competitor independently: for races where competitors start at different times.

Innovative programming allows you to get accurate times even when your racers are close together at the lap marker: selecting 'Multi Key' you can attribute times to each racer pressing 1,2,3 or 4 button.
Selecting 'One Key' you get all 4 times pressing the same key and then you attribute times to each racer.
It's a quite useful mode in case of final rush.

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Dimensions 25,5 x 29 mm
Weight 100 g, batteries included
1/100 second precision
Up to 99 lap times with up to 9 splits per lap
Up to four competitors with single or multiple start
Data recall while saving
Automatic turn-off after 30 minutes inactivity
Two 3V batteries allow you to keep your data safe

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