AiM Inductive RPM Adapter

Aim RPM Coil Adapter Inductive ARP05. Designed for single-cylinder 2 or 4 stroke engines. It converts spark plug RPM induction signal into a square wave signal.         

Aim RPM Coil Adapter Inductive has been designed for installation on single-cylinder 2 or 4 strokes engines. It is a filter that converts RPM signal sampled by induction from the spark plug in a square wave signal. Images here below show the signal sampled by induction on the left and the square wave signal on the right.


Aim RPM Spark Plug Inductive Car Adapter ARP05

Connection of inductive RPM adaptor

To install the adapter connect the plastic clip to the spark plug and the cables as follows:

  • the black cable labelled "GND" to the device GND pin • the red cable labelled "9-15 VDC" to a +12V output (the battery positive pole for example)
  • the blue cable labelled "RPM" to AiM device RPM input. 

Please always refer to each AiM device user manual or pin out for further information. All information are freely downloadable from download area of AiM website.

Connection of inductive RPM adapter

The drawing there below shows the adapter correctly installed.

drawing there below shows the adapter

Product number: X10ADRPM000

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