ASDD608-11SN_ Deutsch Autosport

The Deutsch Autosport AS DOUBLE DENSITY (ASDD) series connector is the next generation connector technology developed by Deutsch, which brings together high density and high performance, in line with racing teams using smaller wire sizes. The AS Double Density range allows almost double the number of contacts to be packaged in the same shell as compared to the standard AS Series.
  • 11-Way Autosport Double Density (ASDD) Series Connector
  • Body Style 6 (Free plug) With Sockets
  • Shell Size 8, Contact Arrangement 08-11
  • N Keyway-Red Band
  • 11x 24awg Sockets (Accepts 30,28,26,24awg Wire) Max 3.0A
  • Connector Overall Dimensions (Excluding Boot) Length 34x18mm
  • Includes connector body, contacts & Insert/Extract Tool

          Product Type Features

          Assembly Type : Electrical Connector
          Product Type : Connector
          Connector System : Wire-to-Wire
          Shell Size : 8
          Connector Style : Plug
          Shell Type : Metal

          Configuration Features

          Number of Positions : 11
          Preloaded : No
          Keying : Key Polarization N
          Factory Installed Backshell : No

          Body Features

          Feedthrough Type : No
          Entry Style : Rear Insertion
          Shell Plating Material : Black Zinc
          Shell Material : Aluminum Alloy
          Insulation Material : Hard Dielectric/Silicone
          Hermetically Sealed : No
          Environmental Protection : With
          Environmental Protection Type : Sealed

          Contact Features

          Contact Layout Arrangement : 8 – 11
          Contact Type : Socket

          Mechanical Attachment

          Polarization Code : N
          Mating Alignment Type : Keyed
          Mating Retention : With
          Mating Alignment : With
          Flange : Without
          Mating Retention Type : Coupling Ring


          Assembly Length (mm): 19.2
          Wire Size (AWG): 24

          Usage Conditions

          Operating Temperature Range (°C): -55 – 175
          IP Dust Sealing Level : 6
          Fluid Resistance : Immersible
          IP Water Sealing Level : 7


          Durability Rating (Cycles): 500


          Field Serviceable : Yes

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