Braille GreenLite Auto / Racing Lithium Battery & Charger Combo_ G-SBS40C

Our Braille G-SBS40 GreenLite lithium battery and 6A lithium charger combo. The Braille G-SBS40 lithium battery is an automotive spec model that weighs jut 8.5 lbs and is designed for the Import Tuner of 4 & 6 cylinder street cars and up to small block V8 hot rods & similar applications of street & race cars. (Check with us at Shop Braille to see if this model is recommended for vehicles that are outside these parameters).

The G-SBS40 is an upgrade for the commonly used Odyssey PC1100 and SBS40 AGM batteries but less than 1/3rd the weight, more power & capacity and will last up to 5 times longer! This G-SBS40C Combo deal comes with one of our 6 Amp lithium chargers, for just $50 additional and should be used in vehicles that are not driven regularly to offset parasitic draw in most modern vehicles.

    Physical Specs

    BCI Group 40 Width 3.8" / 96mm
    Weight 8.5lbs / 3.8kg Height 8.1" / 205mm
    Length 9.8" / 248mm Polarity Right Side Positive

    Technical Specs
    Voltage 12 Full Voltage Charge 13.8
    Pulse Cranking Amps (PCA / CA) 1197 / 1000 Amp hour (Ah) 20
    Lithium Amp hour/Lead-Acid Equivalent 60 Reserve Capacity (min) 60

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