510 Five Ten_ DVT Telemetry System

510 Five Ten_ DVT Telemetry System DVT Data, Video, and Telemetry

Install DVT directly into the car or pit-box to provide an in-car and pit-box gateway. 


Transmit in-car telemetry, video, and audio back to remote users and pit lane. Stream live in-car audio and full-duplex driver communications. Download data remotely. In-car SD card recording. Dual SIM cards provide automatic failover.

  • Receive in-car telemetry, video, and audio. Incar telemetry is accessed UDP or Serial. Internet access streams in-car video and audio to VLC, Windows, Quick Time, and the interactive Live View URL.
  • Transmit live pit-box video, audio, and fullduplex radio communications.
  • Download data remotely. Pit-box SD card recording. Dual SIM cards provide automatic
  • failover. Acquire internet access from WAN or LAN ports.
Remote User

Receive live in-car and pit-box telemetry, video, and audio. Telemetry is accessed UDP or TCP. Download data remotely. Full-duplex remote radio and Intercom communication.

  • Casting black carbon fiber nylon
  • Operating temp -31° F to 167° F (-35° C to 75° C)
  • Fan internal with alarm sensor
  • Power 8-28 V, 20W
  • Four configurable inputs or outputs
  • 12 V output, max. load 50 mA
  • Dimensions 5.3”x5.3”x1.66.”
  • Weight 0.875 (lb)

Camera 720

  • 720p HDTV
  • 100º Horizontal Angle
  • Frame rate 30 fps
  • Dimensions 1.4” x Ø 0.63”
  • IP66

Camera 1080

  • 1080p HDTV
  • 110º Horizontal Angle
  • Frame rate 60 fps
  • Dimensions 2.4” x Ø 1.2”
  • IP66

Data Features

150 Mbps Down, 50 Mbps Up
Dual SIM card slot. Automatic Fail-Over
LAN/WAN switchable. RJ45 port
Internet access. Connect any wired network devices
Download remote Ethernet devices
Datalogger and Engine Management

Video Features

HDTV 720/1080P
Stream video H.264 and Motion JPEG
Record to SD card. Lap trigger, Motion, and loop recording
Two Way Audio. VOIP remote communications. Connect to Intercom or radio

Telemetry Features

Car Telemetry. Transmit MoTeC, Cosworth,and Bosch.
RS232 Baud-rate 115 Kbps
Receive car telemetry via RS232 or UDP

Cellular WWAN

LTE Cat 4: 700(B12/13)/850(B5)/AWS(B4)/1900(B2) 3G HSPA: 850/1900 MHz
Transfer rate (Max): 150 Mbps down, 50 Mbps up
Approvals: PTCRB, AT&T, TELUS (CAN eh)
CONNECTORS two 50 Ω SMA Female
SIM SLOTS two Mini-SIM (2FF)

Serial RS232

Transmit and Receive
Multi Transmit
Baud-rate up to 115Kbps

Ethernet LAN/WAN

RJ-45 10BASE-T/100BASE
DHCP server
DNS Dynamic
IP pass-through NAT. NAPT with IP port forward.

Video Stream

Video Compression: H.264 and Motion JPEG
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 to 160 x 90
Frame Rate: up to 60 fps
Streaming: custom H.264 compression. Bit rate reduction lowers bandwidth and storage.
Image: full exposure settings. Text and image overlay.
Live video access. VLC, Windows, or Quick-time Media players. Explorer, Safari, or Chrome Browser. Internet Dynamic Service.


Record to standard size 64GB SD card, network share, or live computer stream.
Conditional recording. Lap trigger, on/off, Motion, and continuous loop. Lap trigger REC produces new video files each lap.
Remote access SD card recordings. Export video clips.


External microphone, line input and line output. Mic phantom power enable.
Compression configurable bit rates 8-128 Kbps
5pin Switch-craft connector. Connect directly to UHF radio and Intercom.
Streaming. Two-way, full-duplex, half-duplex, or simplex.
Computer Controls. Mic and speaker. Push-to-talk or toggle.
Remote radio controls Push-to-talk



720p Camera with 8' cable and RollBar Mount
720p Camera with 8' cable and RollBar Mount

Data Plan

Verizon Monthly Data Plan
Verizon and ATT Automatic Fail-Over Monthly Data Plans
Verizon Annual Data Plan

Verizon and ATT Automatic Fail-Over Annual Data Plans


External Car Antenna with 10 Foot Coax Cable 
Underbody Window Car Antenna with 7 Foot Coax Cables
6' Autosport Extension Cable. Power and Telemetry
Race Week Rental Telemetry 

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