Texys INF (V/T) 1000°C Brake Rotor Temperature

Our full range of infra-red temperature sensors allows contact free temperature measurements which may be required typically for disk brakes.

Thanks to their reduced dimensions, the 2 types of boxes, M12 or Bloc T, allow easy installation of your application. The built-in electronics will make your work simpler.

The 1000°C version has a non-linear output signal.

We recommend to our customers that they clean the infra-red sensor lenses with alcohol every day, this is particularly important for measurements carried out on carbon disk brakes.

Texense INF 1000°C Website Product Description.

Range  0 to 1000°C
Supply voltage  5 to 16V
Supply current  1.5 mA
Output signal  0 - 5 V

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