RaceGrade 4CH BF1DigiTyre Lite ECUUpgrade

DigiTyre ECUs Three variants of DigiTyre ECUs are available (MDE v2, DigiTyre Lite ECU and Kompact MDE) all of which have the same functionality, but are housed in different packaging, to suit different applications. None of those enclosures are suitable for the rigors of off-road racing. Because of this, we have repackaged the BF1 DigiTyre ECU into an IP67 rated enclosure for any use!

The ECU is the control unit for the entire system. The ECU can be loaded with a permit list containing up to 300-wheel sensors, which can either be manually assigned to positions (if a system with only antennas is being used) or can be automatically assigned positions (if a system using LF Satellite Triggers is being used).

The ECU outputs data via a high-speed CAN connection (baud rate can be configured for 1Mbit, 500Kbit or 250Kbit), with pre-determined CAN frames (please contact bf1systems for the CAN specification).

The ECU should be powered from a 13.5V power supply but will survive exposure to voltages in the range +9V to +18V. The typical current draw of the system is no more than 300mA.

This data can then be either logged, and/or displayed on the driver’s dashboard or the bf1systems digital display.

The ECU can monitor the tire pressures to provide alerts for the following warnings, all of which can be configured by the user:

  • Soft pressure warning (small pressure loss)
  • Hard pressure warning (large pressure loss)
  • Rapid pressure loss
  • Over pressure warning
  • Over temperature warning

These warnings are all configured using the supplied DigiTyre PC software, which communicates with the ECU via an RS232 connection. The PC software also allows configuration of the CAN message IDs, and provides real time information on the status of the system, and any live or logged errors

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