MoTeC Bosch 4-channel ignitor

This is an AUTHENTIC Bosch Ignitor. Don't risk your vehicles engine by using one from eBay or Amazon! They are most likely counterfeit products.

Why Do I need an Ignitor - what do they do?
An ignitor is an amplifier that converts a low current signal into a high current signal. In this case the coil trigger signal coming from the ECU is low current. The ignitor uses this low current signal to trigger the coil itself which requires high current.

Why doesn’t the MoTeC have a built in ignitor?
Since the part that actually triggers the coils is a high current device, it gets extremely hot during normal operation. That heat when placed in close proximity to the sophisticated microprocessor controlling your engine can cause it to degrade over time. Also, should the ignitor ever fail - it can be easily accessed for replacement - no need to send the ECU in for repair. Lastly, without the constraints of a built in ignitor MoTeC gives you the freedom to trigger any type of ignition system making integration with your existing hardware as seamless as possible.

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