The Dual Half Bridge (DHB) is a high current amplifier which allows low current auxiliary outputs to drive high current loads such as motors. It contains two high current half bridge outputs enabling it to drive a single motor in two directions, or drive two motors in a single direction. It is also capable of high speed PWM, which can be used for speed control of motors and for other purposes.

The DHB connects to any auxiliary output of a MoTeC ECU or Dash Logger, which performs the control function, such as PWM speed control, direction control or servo control.

The fully sealed case makes the DHB suitable for under hood mounting.

Application Examples

  • Servo motor e.g. active wing control, boat trim control, inlet runner length control, variable valve lift.
  • Motor speed control e.g. electric water pump, thermo fan, fuel pump.
  • Solenoid control.
Compatible with
  • All MoTeC ECUs
  • All MoTeC Dash Loggers


  • Output current
    • Continuous DC current 20 A (total)
    • Peak surge current 500 A
  • Max. operating frequency 50 kHz @ 28 V
  • Switching delay, typical
    • High to low 6.5 µsec
    • Low to high 6.5 µsec
  • Input threshold, typical
    • High 2.8 V
    • Low 2.1 V
  • Operating voltage
    • 7.0 V to 55 V with under voltage lockout


  • Size 31.4 x 38.0 x 14.0 mm
  • Weight approximately 60 grams plus connectors
  • Connectors
    • Power: 2 pin DTP Male
    • Motor /Output: 2 pin DTP Female
    • Input: 2 pin DTM Male
  • Maximum case temperature 125 °C

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