The Paddle Shift Auxiliary Kit is designed as a hardware solution for integrating paddle shift with a sequential racing gearbox.
It is intended for use with a MoTeC GPRP-M1 engine management system, which comprises an M1 ECU and the GPRP firmware Package featuring paddle shift control.


  • Includes two steering wheel mounted paddles (momentary switches) for up/down shifts to the ECU.
  • The push/pull pneumatic actuator will allow both up and down shifts through two in-built solenoid valves. Valve timing is controlled through the ECU paddle shift function
  • The pneumatic pump supplies air pressure to the tank and is
  • activated by the ECU with specific control of pressure including a pressure sensor fault fall back strategy. If the sensor fails or is not present, the ECU can automatically cycle the pump to maintain a pressure supply. Excess air pressure is relieved through the pressure relief valve supplied in the kit.
  • The air tank and manifold supply a strong reserve of pressurised air for shifts. The manifold includes ports for all necessary fittings and a pressure sensor for the pump control
  • The tank to pump pressure line comes as a standard 1.5m length but can be shortened using simple tools. It is included with the air tank manifold kit but is also available as a spare part.

Part 75100

Kit Includes:
75101 - GBC Shift Actuator
31100 - GBC Compressor Pump
75102 - GBC Paddles
61222 - Curly Cord - Terminated
58042 - Pressure Sensor 250 PSI (Honeywell)
75104 - GBC Air Tank Manifold Kit

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