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These are not available for purchase to retail customers. This is purely for informational and pricing purposes. Only MoTeC Dealers have to ability to purchase online. Please contact us directly via phone for details on an M1 system for your project.

These models are fully polyurethane-potted versions of the ECU. With an IP67 rated design, they are reliably waterproof for wet or excessively dirty environments.

MoTeC's unique M1 technology redefines the meaning of customization, delivering total control without compromise, while highly advanced security strategies make these ECUs ideal for both category managed and unrestricted applications.

The M122 is a Diesel/Direct Injection ECU that offers full control for most modern, high-pressure injectors, without the need for additional amplifier boxes.

  • Small and light in robust magnesium enclosure.
  • Latest generation high performance processor.
  • Suitable for modern engines with DBW, Cam control and multiple CAN buses.
  • Robust and comprehensive security features.
  • Flexible tuning software.
  • Diesel and Direct injection control without the need for an external controller.
  • Programmable injector drive characteristics.
  • Programmable digital inputs for Ref/Sync, wheel speeds etc.
  • Programmable trigger levels and diagnostics.
  • Large logging memory (up to 250MB)
  • Advanced logging features, hugh speed, multiple logs (with access logins)


  • Direct Injector Outputs: 4
  • Low side Injector Outputs: 6
  • Direct Injector Max Current (peak/hold) :20A/15A
  • Direct Injector Max Voltage: 80V


  • Outputs: 4

Auxiliary Outputs

  • Half Bridge: 6


  • Universal Digital: 7
  • Digital: 0
  • Analogue Voltage: 8
  • Analogue Temperature: 4
  • Knock: 2
  • Lambda (narrow band): 0


  • CAN Bus: 1
  • RS232: 0

Wire Gauges


  • Bat_Pos: All pins should be connected with AWG20, AWG18 or AWG16 wire to a switched battery supply.
  • Bat_Neg: All pins should be connected with AWG20, AWG18, or AWG16 wire to a chassis ground or battery negative terminal. “Star” distribution should be employed to ensure that no ECU ground currents are mixed with actuator ground currents.
  • Recommended minimum supply wiring: 1x BAT_POS, 2x BAT_NEG, AWG20

Depending on the current draw for some outputs, a minimum wire gauge is recommended for safe operation.

  • Low side ignition, Peak Hold Injector, Low Side Injector outputs: AWG20 (ideally) and AWG22 (optional).
  • Direct Injectors:

- DI injector wiring should be as short as possible. Significant voltage losses occur if total wiring length exceeds 3m (both the + and – wires should be considered, so injectors should be wired less than 1.5 metres from the ECU where possible).

- Wire gauges AWG20 are preferred for Tyco connectors.

  • Half bridge and Full bridge outputs: These outputs may be used to drive low side actuators, throttle servos and direct injection pumps. Wire size should be chosen to suit the current requirements of the actuator device. For example, throttle servos and direct injection pumps should use AWG18 or AWG20 wiring.
  • Half bride or peak hold injector outputs provide internal recirculation circuitry whereas all low side outputs do not. In applications where camshaft solenoids and other inductive devices cannot be driven from outputs with internal recirculation circuitry, external recirculation by means of diode can be installed to prevent slow turn-off of some devices.


Dimensions: 162 x 127.5 x 40.5

Weight: 290g


  • 1 x 34 pin Tyco
  • 1 x 26 pin Tyco

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