MoTeC On-Board Knock Module - Mitsubishi Evo X

MoTeC Onboard Knock Module (OKM) provides individual cylinder closed loop knock control, for M800 Plug-In ECU allowing tuners to optimize ignition maps with the confidence that the engine will be safe from dangerous detonation.

The Onboard Knock Module (OKM) is fitted onto the board of a Plug-In ECU prior to delivery and linked to the knock sensor.

The module is preconfigured to suit the standard vehicle. If the vehicle is modified significantly, contact an authorised MoTeC dealer for further advice. The OKM requires a competent tuner to tune the knock control system. This is highly specialised work and therefore the MoTeC Knock Modules will only be available through authorised dealers that have undertaken specific training.

Compatible with

  • M800 Plug-In ECUs
  • using ECU Manager software v3.5 and up
  • i2 data analysis
  • All knock sensors


  • Audio


  • Fitted onto a M800 Plug-In ECU
  • Includes the audio extension lead

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