MoTeC USA 6R80 Swap

6R80 swap package for engine control of any engine mated to the 6R80 automatic transmission. Works with MoTeC M150 ECUs
MoTeC has developed a general-purpose firmware (“Package”) that provides tuning and control of the Ford 6R80 automatic transmission. The 6R80 Engine/Transmission Package provides this transmission control along with world class engine tuning and race functions.

The 6R80 Engine/Transmission package is the one-stop solution for control of any engine mated to the Ford 6R80 transmission in your chassis of choice – no additional controllers are required. The MoTeC M150 ECU provides the flexibility and power to complete your engine/transmission swap with confidence knowing you have one controller that can do it all.

The engine and race functions are based on functionality found in the MoTeC USA Drag package.

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