MoTeC VCM Video Sync Module

The VSM Video Sync Module allows automatic synchronisation of in-car footage to the logged data for video analysis in MoTeC i2 Pro data analysis software.

The module connects between the microphone and video recorder of the in-car camera and to an auxiliary output of the Dash Logger. It requires a video recorder with an external microphone input.

Compatible with:

  • i2 Pro (software version V1.0.3.21 or later)
  • ADL3
  • SDL (software version V1.60 or later)


  • Sync pulse from MoTeC Dash Logger
  • Microphone input optional


  • Audio signal. Depending on wiring the audio signal consist of only the sync pulse or the microphone input with the sync pulse recorded over it (see Wiring)


  • Connector 12 pin Deutsch DTM