RaceGrade Battery Terminal Current Sensor

The RaceGrade R CSB-100 is a negative battery post connector with integral current and temperature sensor. Designed to clamp to a conventional 16mm negative battery terminal, the sensor reads current flowing into or out of the battery. Range of amperage sensing is +/- 100A. Nominal sensor output is 2.5 volts. The sensor output is ratiometric to the 5v supply. Current sensing is performed by a lossless non-contact Hall Effect design. The temperature measurement is calibrated for a 1K Ohm pull up resistor to 5v as found on MoTeC AT inputs. 

Output: 0.0 - 5.9V
Supply Voltage: 5.00 VDC
Range: +/— 150 Amps
Wire Size: 8 AWG Red

Scale Factor: 0.0133v per Amp
Zero offset: 2.5V @ 0 Amps

Flying leads
Brown - 0v
Green - Signal
Orange - 5v

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