RaceGrade IMSA Michelin Series Driver ID Module

RG OTC Features:

  • Driver ID input
    • Receives Driver ID resistor value
    • Computes Driver Number (1 through 5) from resistor values provided by IMSA
  • CAN Bus Output
    • Driver ID sent to X2 transponder at each track loop
    • Driver ID value sent 5x on start up
    • Number of total transmission available for diagnostics
  • LED Output
    • Flashes Driver ID number (1-5) on power up
    • Flashes Driver ID number (1-5) on driver change
  • Power Requirements
    • 100 mA max current draw
  • Operating Temp: -40 °C to 85 °C
  • Physical Dimensions
    • Approximately 3.00 in x 1.38 in x 0.6 in
    • Fully potted solution for water resistance

Technical support will be available to the teams. Support for installation and operation of MoTeC components is available in several ways:

  • Track support
  • Remote Support (Online, Telephone, and Email)
    • Remote telephone and email support will cover general hardware and software feature usage free of charge.

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