RaceGrade CAN Isolation Gateway Module

    *This is not compatible with IMSA vehicles.

    *This device is default programmed to isolate side A and side B of the module, both at 1Mbps. If other programming is required, please contact us to discuss the requirements. Programming changes may incur additional costs.

    The RaceGrade CAN isolation module is designed to isolate a branch CAN bus from a larger main CAN bus. It may also serve as a bridge between two CAN buses of different speeds. These modules are typically deployed in series with CAN devices that can become easily damaged during use to prevent a total system CAN bus failure.

    The module contains an LED indicator light that displays CAN bus diagnostics by changing its color. The LED status updates at 1Hz to report status. See the specifications for LED color and fault identification.

    RaceGrade CAN Isolation Gateway Module

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