RaceGrade MSW-272 Steering Wheel

The RaceGrade MSW-272 is a lightweight, composite steering wheel incorporating a 5" color display and logger for use in both slave and standalone applications. It contains momentary buttons, rotary knobs, paddle inputs and Opto isolated outputs.

The 5 inch (127 mm) TFT LCD anti-reflective color display with an 800 x 400 resolution and anti-aliased graphics. Up to 3 pages can be configured with selectable layouts and user defined color schemes.

The MSW-272 has 12 flush cap momentary buttons that are LED backlit. The LED s have two brightness settings that can be configured through the MoTeC C125 software. Six rotary knobs are also available, each with 12 positions. These include 4 on the front face plate and 2 thumb wheels.

Paddle shift inputs are wired directly to the display. These are also wired through the steering column connector for direct connection to an Engine control module.

All button and rotary positions are user configurable and can be transmitted via CAN for other ancillary devices. The wheel has 10 customizable LED s for shift lights, warnings etc. Each LED can be set to 8 different colors with 0-100 percent brightness settings.

Mechanical Specifications:

Base Material: Composite Material Carbon fiber filled
Hand Grips: Polyurethane mold
Weight: 2.80 lbs(Including QR)
Operating Temp: -20°C to 70° C
Size: 11.9" x 7.6" x 4.1" (303mm x 192mm x 96mm)
Quick Release: Krontec (includes both steering wheel side and bolt-on chassis side)

Technical Specifications:

Supply Voltage: 6.0v 32.0v
Current: 0.625A (excluding sensors)
Buttons: 12 Momentary (can be latching via software)
Rotary Positions: 6 x 12 positions (4 front, 2 thumb wheels)
Paddle inputs: 2 inputs (4 optional)
Communications: Ethernet
CAN Comms: 1 x CAN Bus 2.0

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