Texys RAD6-M Lean Angle Inclinometer Sensor

The Texense RAD6-M is a roll angle device based on an integrated 6 axes inertial movement unit. It has been designed and developed for lean angle measurements. It s lightweight and compact housing help provide an easy installation in confined areas.

The Texense RAD6-M features:

6 axes inertial sensor with high accuracy (offset, gain, cross-axis and temperature drift compensated).
Roll angle calculations are integrated.
CAN interface with programmable baud rate and CAN identifiers.
To help sensor installation: possibility to permute and to orient the axes to match with the motorbike axes.
The Texense RAD6-M is dedicated to motorbike applications, but with the development of the adapted kinematic models, it could be used for other angle (yaw or pitch) measurement purposes on other vehicles.

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