SHANE T_ Air Temperature Sensor

With the ability to measure liquids and gases or a mixture of each our High Speed Air Temperature Sensor is extremely versatile. We set out to make a sensor which was compact to fit into tight places, had enough reach to get into the center of the air stream, had the speed of an open tipped sensing element such as the High Speed offering from Bosch, yet have an enclosed tip so that in the event it came in contact with liquid the sensor would not be rendered useless and finally we wanted a high enough range to measure the temperature on a highly boosted non inter cooled racing engine. This sensor has a range from approximately -40C to 300 C (570F). Its response is at least as fast as the Bosch High Speed or GM Open Element type air temperature sensors. It is offered with a nominal 1.375″ reach from the end of the 1/16 NPT thread on its stainless steel body to the glass bead tip at the end of its copper extension Tube. Two 22 awg Tefzel leads wrapped with Diesel resistant heat shrink approximately 12 Inches long extend to the connector which is a Deutsch DTM04-2P.

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