Texys Capacitive Accelerometer 2 Axis XY - PRO

By virtue of its dimensions, characteristics and compatibility with gyroscopes, this 2 axis accelerometer allows the dynamic behavior of the vehicle to be interpreted and checked.

Combining temperature compensation at 80°C and hightly compact size, the Texense 2 axis capacitive accelerometer allows to our customers an easy installation and using with most severe conditions.

Our range Capacitive type, have a wide range of applications:

The Capacitive type accelerometer, with a frequency range of up to 1KHz, allows measurement of the acceleration of the constituent parts of the vehicle. The measuring range is from +/-2G to +/- 20G.

As we also produce 1 axis accelerometers, it is possible to combine 2 boxes to make a 3 axis accelerometers.

For example :
One 2-axis Capacitive type accelerometer +/-2G ( vehicle X and Y) and one 1-axis, Capacitive type accelerometer , +/-20G (vehicle Z).

Range +/-2G to +/-20G
Supply voltage 5 to 16 V
Supply current 3 mA
Output 0 - 5 V
Dimensions 25 x 16 x 8mm

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