Texys Differential Hall Effect Wheel Speed Sensor (DHE)

The Texense VR-Ø9-B differential hall effect wheel speed sensor (DHE) is a class leading highly accurate and compact wheel speed sensor. The DHE wheel speed sensor is manufactured from a single block of aluminium, giving it superior strength for demanding applications.

  • Maximum frequency of 20Khz, this sensor can accurately read both low and high speeds
  • LED to check its function without having to plug the unit into your system
  • Target distance from 0.5 to 3mm

The VR-Ø9-B differential hall effect DHE wheel speed sensor has a reading orientation, to help with installation we supply two types of brackets: straight and 90°.

Maximum frequency
Distance to target
1 to 2.5 mm
Supply voltage
4 to 25 V
Supply current
15 mV
Output signal
NPN open collector
Output resistance
Needs a pull Up resistor
Max voltage on the output
25 V
Led indicator
Straight or right angle
Sensitive element
Differential Hall Effect
Fixing hole Diam 4 at 12 mm from sensor axis
25 x 9 x 9 mm
Weight (without cable)
15 g
Vibration test 20 Gpp 5'
Shock 500 G
Operating temp
-50 to 180°C
Storage temp
-50 to 150°C

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