Texys XN4 CAN Strain Gauge Amplifier

The Texense XN4C strain gauge amplifier is an upgrade of our XN4 strain gauge amplifier. While keeping the same advantages/functionalities, the new XN4C strain gauge amplifier now provides a CAN output. Programming process for gain and offset remains the same through the VProg or Tx/Rx pads. This amplifier simplifies strain gauging because it doesn’t need zeroing, or temperature compensation for offset and sensitivity. Just bond 1, 2 or 4 gauges on the part, wire them to the amplifier and it will do the job.

  • No need for any balco, nickel, or manganin wires.
  • No need for zero or sensitivity adjustment or compensation.
Supply voltage 5 to 16 V
Supply current (amp only) < 5 mA
Output signal 0 - 5 V
Dimensions XN4 13x10x4 mm


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