Texys XN4 Dual Strain Gauge Amplifier

The XN4D strain gauge amplifier is a dual output version of our popular XN4 strain gauge amplifier. With the XN4D strain gauge amplifier it is possible to segregate the outputs in to two different ranges. This gives the user accurate measurements of both aero loads along with capturing peak load events such as kerb strikes. Key features of the XN4D strain gauge amplifier are as follows:

  • Gain and Offset are programmable even if XN4 strain gauge amplifier is not linked to Strain Gauges.
  • Offset is programmable in mV and Gain in 1/10 (Gain from 70 to 1250).
  • Offset value from 0 to 5 V.
  • Output signal can increase or decrease under load.
  • No need to apply a force to program a Gain.
  • Temperature compensation is now in time basis, from 2 to 12 hours.
  • Compensation table values can be edited.
  • Working temperature is from -20 to +125°C.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Most of the amplifier parameters (as gain and offset) are programmable by the end user just via a USB Connect and a laptop.

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