VBOX DriftBox

VBox DriftBox 10Hz GPS Data Logging System

The DriftBox is the first vehicle performance meter with the ability to measure drift angle. A 10Hz GPS engine, coupled with sophisticated motion sensors allow you to record vehicle performance characteristics such as drift angle, g-force, speed, distance, lap & split times and acceleration.

The new Predictive Lap Timing function gives you instant driver feedback and helps you to find valuable improvements in your times.

All parameters are logged to an SD memory card ten times per second for later review and comparison.

Package Content

  • DriftBox 10Hz GPS data logger with inbuilt yaw sensor
  • Windscreen suction mount
  • In-car power supply
  • Mains power supply (UK/US/JP/EU/AU)
  • USB cable for connection to PC
  • SD card containing software and user guide

    DriftBox web link.

    GPS Specification
    Update Rate 10Hz
    Velocity Accuracy 0.2 km/h
    Acceleration Accuracy 1%
    Distance Accuracy 0.05% (<50cm per km)
    Lap Timing Accuracy 0.01s
    Storage Options SD card
    Environmental & Physical
    Dimensions 113 mm x 63 mm x 93 mm
    Weight 226 g
    Input Voltage 6 - 28 V DC