VBOX Video Lite to AIM CAN Cable 5-pin

RLCAB145M terminates with a five-pin connector and will connect into any available five-pin socket on an AiM dash or logger.

Instructions on how to configure/connect the devices for use together are available here.

FREE CAN UPGRADE: if you have a Video VBOX Lite with 1, 2, or 4 CAN channels we will supply an upgrade to 8 channels free of charge when you purchase this cable. Please ensure you give us the serial number of your unit in the comments section at checkout – without this, we cannot send you the upgrade file.

VBOX Mini DIN 6W Plug - 5W Binder 712 Plug - 2m cable (Video VBOX Lite to AIM CAN Cable)


VBOX Video Lite to AIM CAN Cable 5-pin Datasheets

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