VBOX Performance Box Touch

Performance Box Touch is a touch screen performance meter, lap timer and data logger in one.

It measures speed, lap & split times, delta-T, acceleration, deceleration, distance and more.

All these parameters are logged to an SD card ten times per second and can be viewed on screen and analysed in detail using the VBOX Test Suite or Circuit Tools software provided.



  • Ideal for performance tests such as acceleration and deceleration, with a number of pre-configured tests.
  • The slope correction mode for accel tests will correct the acceleration time result relative to the gradient the test was performed on.
  • The 4.3" TFT touchscreen is responsive, great in daylight and allows you to see results instantly.
  • High brightness LEDs provide instant feedback on your current test run.
  • 10 Hz GPS receiver for accurate logging of performance, speed and position data.
  • Records up to 6 hrs of data with the optional clip-on battery.
  • Can be used as a speedometer or lap timer, showing average and maximum speeds as well as predictive lap times.
  • Analyse your data in Circuit Tools and VBOX Test Suite.

Package Content

Performance Box Touch is available in two versions. There are no differences in functionality between the two, only in which peripherals are included:

    Option 1 (RLPBT/B) - Please note that the battery option has to be shipped via ground service.

    Same as above plus:

    • Performance Box Touch clip-on battery
    • GPS / GLONASS low profile antenna 2 m cable
    • Plastic carry case (RLACS281)

    Option 2 (RLPBT-V1)

    • Performance Box Touch unit
    • Cigar Plug USB adaptor
    • USB 2.0 A to right angle Micro B charging cable 1.5 m lead
    • 8 GB SDHC memory card
    • Swivel neck Richter suction mount

    VBOX Performance Box Touch Data Sheet

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