VBOX Pit Lane Timer Display

10Hz GPS Data Logger and Pit Lane Timer Display in one.

The new VBOX Pit Lane Timer takes the guesswork out of the crucial pit stop period of an endurance race.

VBOX Pit Lane Timer recognizing the preset pit lane entry point as it is crossed, displays the velocity until the car comes to a stop and then counts down to zero to indicate when it is time to get out again. In addition the high brightness LEDs change colour and intensity, giving the driver an indication as to whether the pit lane exit will be reached too early, too late, or exactly right.

The timer logs stint and pit lane times to SD card.


  • 10 Hz data logging to SD card
  • Helps to avoid pit stop penalties
  • Prompts you when to leave the pit box, warning in advance if you are going to cross the line too early
  • Includes external GPS/GLONASS antenna
  • Easy operation
  • Motorsport Lemo connectors
  • Low power consumption: 1.5W
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Free data analysis software (Windows, MacOS, and iOS)

      Pit Lane Timer web link.

      GPS Specification
      Update Rate 10Hz
      Velocity Accuracy 0.1 km/h
      Acceleration Accuracy 0.5%
      Resolution 0.01 km/h
      Maximum velocity 1800 km/h
      Minimum velocity 0.1 km/h
      General Specification
      Unit Connection 1x Lemo 5w socket 1 x Lemo 2w socket
      Dimensions 120 x 50 x 24.5mm (exc. connectors)
      Weight 178g (exc. cable)
      Input Voltage 7 – 30VDC

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