VBOX OLED Display including RLCAB063 and Suction Mount

The OLED Display requires a Video VBOX to operate and comes with a RLCAB063 cable for connection to a VBOX Video HD2 or Video VBOX Pro. If you need a different cable to connect to Video VBOX Lite [RLCAB092], please send us an email.

Waterproof billet aluminium casing and face plate. Bright OLED screen - the perfect addition to any Video VBOX setup allowing you to view lap times as you drive. The bright ‘organic LED display’ is sunlight readable, and all of the displayed units are configurable.

Predictive lap timing - based on GPS position rather than distance - allows for instant, constant timing feedback during the lap.

Full features include:

  • Conventional rolling lap times
  • Predictive lap timing
  • Split times
  • Speed
  • Video VBOX scene selection

The OLED has an internal accelerometer that flips the screen in accordance with the way it is mounted, and can invert screen colours or display the font as a high contrast outline to match lighting conditions.

      OLED Display Predictive Lap Timing web link.

      General Specification
      IP Rating IP64
      Operating Temp -40 to +70 °C
      Power 1.2W
      Input Voltage 6-30VDC
      Dimensions 115 x 50 x 20mm (exc. connectors)
      Weight 146g (exc. cable)
      5 Way Fischer Plug to 5 Way Lemo Plug – 2m (VBDSP04 to other VBOX or VBOX Module)

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