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AiM Water M10 PT 100 thermoresistor

AiM Water M10 PT 100 Temp Sensor

The Aim M10 Water Temperature Sensor and black plug is designed and engineered to accurately monitor optimum water temperature levels protecting the engine from overheating.

The built AiM devices for car/bike applications can measure and sample water/oil temperature using a sensor (thermo resistor) placed in the cooling system/oil sump.

The thermo resistor must be placed in the cooling system/oil sump. It is recommended to install the sensor far from heat and electromagnetic interference sources (like RPM cable or lap receiver cables).

The draws here below show the sensors dimensions on the left and the inline water/oil fitting dimensions on the right in millimetres [inches] (PT100 M10, upper images; PT100 M5, lower images).

Sensors end with 4 pins male 719 Binder connector that features a 2kΩ 1% resistor between pins 1 and 4. Here below you see the connector pinout solder termination view as well as the connection table.

The sensors technical characteristics are:

  • Temperature working range: 0/150°C
  • cable sensor length: 250 mm

These sensors are sold with a 25 cm cable and standard lengths extension cables are available as optional.
Extension cables part numbers, specified below for each one, change according to their length and the device sensor to be connected to.

Mandatory extension cable for connection with:

Channel Expansion
V02PCB05BTXG – cable length: 500 mm
V02PCB10BTXG – cable length: 1000 mm
V02PCB15BTXG – cable length: 1500 mm
V02PCB20BTXG – cable length: 2000 mm
V02PCB25BTXG – cable length: 2500 mm
V02PCB30BTXG – cable length: 3000 mm
V02PCB35BTXG – cable length: 3500 mm
V02PCB40BTXG – cable length: 4000 mm
Mandatory extension cable for connection with:

MXS Strada/MXS Strada 1.2
MXL Strada/Pista/Pro05
V02PCB05B – cable length: 500mm
V02PCB10B – cable length: 1000mm
V02PCB15B – cable length: 1500mm
V02PCB20B – cable length: 2000mm
V02PCB25B – cable length: 2500mm
V02PCB30B – cable length: 3000mm
V02PCB35B – cable length: 3500 mm
V02PCB40B – cable length: 4000 mm

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