510 Speed Stream_ LWT PRO

Light Weight Telemetry (LWT Pro) 


510 Speed Stream_ Light Weight Telemetry (LWT PRO) Ultra-low latency
Utilizes the latest 4G/5G technology to stream full-duplex RS232 telemetry.
Recive text (SMS) or Email Status reports.
North America and Global Data Coverage.

Light Weight & Durable
LWT PRO weighs in at 0.495 lbs. It withstands harsh environments: high temperature, vibration, water, and dust.
The small housing is durable synthetic polyamide (nylon). It features two unique cable tie mounts making it fast and easy to install.

Full duplex RS232 port. Connect any RS232 telemetry stream or GPS
SMA Antenna ports: MIMO dual diversity 4/5G antenna.
Dual SIM card slot provides automatic failover and carrier diversity.
Configurable input and output. Monitor digital and analog inputs or digital output control. (Optional)
WIFI connectivity (Optional)

Cellular Download Speed

  • Max 600 Mbps

Cellular Upload Speed

  • Max 150 Mbps

Cellular Carrier

  • AT&T_FirstNet
  • Verizon
  • Sprint
  • US Cellular
  • Tellus
  • T-Mobile
  • eSIM multi carrier
  • Dual SIM Slot


    • TCP, UDP, Modbus
    • Max Baud 115200
    • Full Duplex. RX/TX
    • Multiplex. Transmit to multiple recivers.


    • Voltage Input 7 to 36 VDC @ 1.2A Max


    • -40 ºF to 167 ºF ( -40 ºC to 75 ºC)


    • Synthetic polyamide (nylon)


    1. Ground
    2. NC (I/O Option)
    3. 12V
    4. RS232 TX (Data IN)
    5. RS232 RX (Data Out)

    Mating Connector: ASL 606-05 SN

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