AiM Linear Potentiometer 13

AiM devices can measure the displacement between two points using a sensor (linear potentiometer) directly connected to the points of measure. This potentiometer can be used to measure linear displacements like:

  • suspensions and spring cushions compression or extension
  • steering column rotation measured through the rack displacement

The car/bike linear potentiometer has been designed to measure the displacement between two reference points: a fixed point and a mobile one.
AiM Linear Potentiometer 13

When installing the sensor:

  • be very careful avoiding possible bending of the internal cylinder; these bendings, occurring when over tightening the screws or in case of incorrect mounting, can seriously damage the sensor
  • extract the internal cylinder for about 5 mm (0.2 inches) from the sensor lower boundary position.

The car/bike linear potentiometer can be connected to any analog channel of MXL, EVO4 and Channel Expansion, to say:

  • MXL Strada/Pista: channels from 1 to 8
  • MXL Pro05: channels from 1 to 12
  • EVO4: channels from 1 to 5
  • Channel Expansion: channels from 1 to 4

The potentiometer ends with a 4 pins Binder 719 male connector. The image below shows the connector from solder termination side.

AiM Linear Potentiometer 13

The car/bike linear potentiometer electrical characteristics are:

  • nominal resistance: 1kΩ / 25 mm travel
  • operating mode: voltage divider

The car/bike linear potentiometer mechanical characteristics are:

  • temperature operating range: -50/+85 °C
  • operating strength: 2,45 N horizontal
  • measure range: up to 150 mm

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