AiM Rotary Potentiometer_ 30cm

Car/bike rotary potentiometer 30 cm

AiM designed and developed an installation kit for 10G steering rotary potentiometer for car/bike installations. The steering potentiometer can be connected to any analog channel of AiM loggers. 

The potentiometer cable ends with a 4pins plastic Binder 719 male connector. Here below it is shown from solder termination view with the related pinout.

AiM Rotary Potentiometer_ 30cm

The steering potentiometer electrical characteristics are:

  • nominal resistance: 10kΩ
  • tolerance on resistance value: ±5%
  • precision (%): 0.030

The steering potentiometer mechanical characteristics are:

  • mechanical displacement: 3600°
  • working temperature range: -55/+125 °C
  • power consumption: 500µA

The sensor is sold with a 30 cm cable. Standard length extension cables are available: 0,5 m, 1m and 1,5 m.

Extension cable for connection to:
• MXG/MXG 1.2/MXG 1.2 Strada
• MXS/MXS 1.2/MXS Strada/MXS 1.2 Strada
• MXP/MXP Strada
• MXL2
• MXm
• EVO5
• MXL Strada/Pista/Pro05

Part numbers:
V02PCB05B; cable length: 500mm
V02PCB10B; cable length: 1000mm
V02PCB15B; cable length: 1500mm
V02PCB20B; cable length: 2000mm
V02PCB25B; cable length: 2500mm
V02PCB30B; cable length: 3000mm
 AiM Rotary Potentiometer_ 30cm
Part numbers:
V02PCB05BTXG; cable length: 500mm
V02PCB10BTXG; cable length: 1000mm
V02PCB15BTXG; cable length: 1500mm
V02PCB20BTXG; cable length: 2000mm
V02PCB25BTXG; cable length: 2500mm
V02PCB30BTXG; cable length: 3000mm
AiM Rotary Potentiometer_ 30cm

Product number: X05SNST10G

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