AiM Throttle Potentiometer_ 30cm

AiM Car/bike throttle potentiometer 30 cm

This datasheet explains how to install the throttle potentiometer for car/bike and shows its technical characteristics.

The throttle potentiometer part number is: X05SNRP972

AiM instruments can measure the relative displacement between two different points using a sensor (rotary potentiometer) directly connected to the two measure points. This sensor may be used to measure angular displacements, such as throttle position.

The sensor has been designed to measure rotational displacements between a fixed point, called “reference point”, and a movable one.

The potentiometer cable ends with a 4 pins Binder 719 male plastic connector. The image here below shows the connector pinout from solder termination view.

AiM Throttle Potentiometer_ 30cm

The potentiometer electrical characteristics are:

  • nominal resistance: 5kΩ linear
  • tolerance ±20 %
  • linearity ±2 %
  • electrical displacement 106°

The potentiometer mechanical characteristics are:

  • mechanical displacement 130°
  • fatigue life 106 complete cycles
  • cable length 240 mm

The potentiometer comes with a 24 cm cable and standard lengths extension cables are available as optional; it is also possible to ask for specific length extension cables. Extension cables part numbers change according to their length and to the device the sensor is to be connected to.

Please note: extension cables are mandatory for connection with AiM Channel Expansion and EVO4.

Extension cable for connection with:

  • EVO4
  • EVO4S
  • Channel Expansion
Extension cable for connection with:
  • EVO4
  • EVO4S
  • Channel Expansion
Part numbers:
V02PCB05BTXG – cable length: 500mm
V02PCB10BTXG – cable length: 1000mm
V02PCB15BTXG – cable length: 1500mm
V02PCB20BTXG – cable length: 2000mm
V02PCB25BTXG – cable length: 2500mm
V02PCB30BTXG – cable length: 3000mm
 AiM Throttle Potentiometer_ 30cm
Extension cable for connection with:
  • MXG
  • MXS
  • MXL2
  • EVO5
  • MXL Pista/Pro05
Part numbers:
V02PCB05B – cable length: 500mm
V02PCB10B – cable length: 1000mm
V02PCB15B – cable length: 1500mm
V02PCB20B – cable length: 2000mm
V02PCB25B – cable length: 2500mm
V02PCB30B – cable length: 3000mm
AiM Throttle Potentiometer_ 30cm

Product number: X05SNRP972

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