AiM Data Hub, four port

The acquisition of all essential data you need to evaluate your car performance needs the connection of many peripherals to your datalogger. This implies the presence of a great number of cables.
To solve this problem, AiM developed Data Hub, the new CAN connection multiplier that works as an interface between all AiM loggers and their peripheral equipments.
Each Hub connects the logger with four peripherals: i.e. LCU lambda controller, GPS05 Module and one or more TC Hub(thermocouples multiplier).
Data Hub takes all the information you need to your logger with only one cable, minimizing wires overall.

Data Hub is available in two versions:

  • Two way Data Hub with external power
  • Four way Data Hub

More Data Hub can be connected in sequence in order to increase the number of peripherals which can be connected. Data Hub is waterproof IP65.

AiM Data Hub, four port

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AiM Data Hub, four port

Two ways Data Hub
Dimensions 70x30x23,5 mm
CAN cable lenght 40 cm
Source cable lenght 165 cm
Weight 86 g
Waterproof IP65
Four ways Data Hub
Dimensions 123x30x23,5 mm
CAN cable lenght 40/150 cm
Weight 97 g
Waterproof IP65

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