AiM Exhaust Gas K type Thermocouple_ 30 cm

AiM devices can measure exhaust gas temperature using a sensor – thermocouple – placed in the exhaust header pipe. All AiM thermocouples are K type sensor and fit car/bike/kart installations.

This exhaust gas temperature (EGT) thermocouple, thanks to its exposed junction, is faster recording sampled data. Here below you can see EGT thermocouple on the right and EGT thermocouple with exposed junction on the left.

Installation notes 

Place the exhaust gas temperature sensor (EGT) in the header pipe at about 150 mm (5.9 inches) from the exhaust pipe. To install the sensor:

  • make a 5mm hole in the header pipe at about 150mm (5.9 inches) from the exhaust pipe
  • weld the sensor screw in the point where you made the hole.

The image here below shows the sensor installation steps on the left and the sensor installed on the right.

EGT thermocouple with exposed junctio

Dimensions, pinout and technical characteristics 

The drawing here below shows the thermocouple dimensions in mm [inches].

AiM Exhaust Gas K type Thermocouple_ 30 cm

The thermocouple ends with a male Mignon connector. The image here below shows the connector pinout top side view. Right of it is the connection table.

AiM Exhaust Gas K type Thermocouple_ 30 cm

Exhaust gas temperature sensor technical characteristics are:

  • Temperature working range: 0-1000°C [32-1832°F]
  • Cable length 250 mm [9.8"]
  • Cable type compensated

Extension cables

Exhaust gas temperature thermocouple is sold with a standard 25 cm cable and standard length extension cables are available as optional; it is also possible to ask for specific length extension cables. Extension cable part numbers change according to the cable length and to the device the sensor is to be connected to.

Please note: all AiM devices – MXL dedicated cables excluded – need an extension cable to connect with EGT thermocouple.

Part number: 3CVGAS807

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