AiM Infrared Tire Temperature Sensor

AiM loggers can measure tire temperature connecting to one or more temperature sensors directly connected to the measure points.

Installation and connection

Use a self-built bracket to install the sensor; place it far from strong heat sources (the exhaust pipe for instance) and from electromagnetic interference sources. The best installation point is the internal part of the fender so to avoid that the sensor get damaged bumping stones or other stuff.

Dimensions, pinout and technical characteristics

The drawing here below shows the sensor dimensions in millimetres [inches].sensor technical

The sensor technical characteristics:

  • Output signal: 0-5V
  • Field of measure: 35°
  • Working range: -20/120°C
  • Sensor electrical range:
    • 820 Mv/-20°C
    • 3230 Mv/120°C
  • Sensor dimensions: 26.6x17.2 mm
  • Sensor cable length: 250 mm

Extension cables part numbers change according to their length and to the device the sensor is to be connected to.

Extension cable for connection with:

  • EVO4
  • EVO4
  • Channel Expansion
  • MyChron Expansion 

Part numbers:

V02PCB05BTXG – cable length: 500 mm
V02PCB10BTXG – cable length: 1000 mm
V02PCB15BTXG – cable length: 1500 mm
V02PCB20BTXG – cable length: 2000 mm
V02PCB25BTXG – cable length: 2500 mm
V02PCB30BTXG – cable length: 3000 mm

Mandatory extension cable


Extension cable for connection with:

  • MXG
  • MXS
  • MXL2
  • EVO5
  • MXL/Pista/Pro05

Extensiob Cable

Part numbers:

V02PCB05B – cable length: 500mm
V02PCB10B – cable length: 1000mm
V02PCB15B – cable length: 1500mm
V02PCB20B – cable length: 2000mm
V02PCB25B – cable length: 2500mm
V02PCB30B – cable length: 3000mm

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