Tire Watch_ Racing TPMS Car Kit

Tire Watch Gen 4 Auto Racing TPMS Car Kit

Tire Watch is a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) designed for the racing industry, is a system for real-time detection, monitoring and storage of tire pressure and temperature data. It monitors pressure and temperature of each wheel in real-time. Once a trouble on wheel is detected, Tire Watch alerts the driver/team immediately.
  • Included in this tire pressure monitoring kit:
  • 1x - Receiver Control Unit (setup for either STD, LMS or WRC)
    2x - Antenna Systems (with user specified lengths - 2m/3m)
    4x - Wheel Speed Units (programmed to user selected RCU)
    4x - Valve Stems (8mm or 11mm)

    Mounted in the race car, the two antenna Receiver Control Unit (known as an RCU) receives data sent by wheel speed units and sends the received data to race car logger and dash via high speed CAN bus connection.

    The RCU is equipped with a free wire output and can interface with the vehicle logger via CAN line.

    The system can be improved with optional triggers, Hand Scanners, depending on the team’s needs.

    Two antennas are provided in this kit at your specified lengths, depending on application. The available lengths are either 2 meters or 3 meters, and can be sold in whichever required length pairs.

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