Texys TPMS_ Tire Pressure RS Sensor + Valve 11.5mm

TPMS-RS20 + Valve 11.5mm

TEXENSE® has developed a Tire Pressure Monitoring System with 20 years of experience in designing sensors for motorsport and solutions dedicated to harsh environments. This system has been extensively tested and raced in top-level racing series in Europe and USA.

This TPMS is available with two types of sensors:

  • TPMS-RS: it is a basic version with pressure and temperature sensors, gas pressure and temperature of the unit
  • TPMS-S: it is an advanced version with gas pressure, relative humidity, rim temperature, 5 infra-red inner temperature measurement sports (configurable), and internal temperature,

The TPMS kit is delivered with a remote controller (TPMS-RH) allowing the customer to configure the system, and with 1 or 2 car receivers (TPMS-CR) depending on the type of application (bike, open-wheel car, closed cockpit, etc.).

yre Pressure Monitoring System
Pressure measurement
800 to 4000 mbarA
± 20 mbar
0.2 mbar
Internal temperature measurement
0 to 150 °C
± 0.5 °C
RF features
RF Frequency 433 MHz
RF Emission power
8 dBm
Electrical features
Battery Rating Voltage
3.6 V
Battery capacity @ 25°C
Max current
consumption @25°C
Production storage               2µA
Stationary mode (0.1 Hz)      10 µA
Moving mode (1 Hz)             80 µA
Transient mode (2Hz)            150 µA
Common features
Dimensions 85.3x31.7x24.2 mm
PEEK 450GL30
Weight (without antenna)
35± g
Vibration test 20 Gpp 5'
Shock 500 G
Operating temp
-20 to +125°C
Absolute temp
-40 to +135°C

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