Braille Endurance Advanced AGM Battery _B7548

At only 45 lbs, the B7548 Braille Endurance Advanced AGM Battery is a high-performance upgrade from a traditional lead acid battery. Offering weight reduction, more power output and lasting up to 2 times longer than traditional lead acid batteries!
  • Superior starting capabilities with high cranking amp output per kg
  • Fast and efficient recharge, up to 2 times faster than traditional lead acid batteries
  • Can be used in “Total Loss” (no alternator) applications
  • Engineered for high shock and vibration applications
  • Up to 2/3 weight reduction for equivalent cranking performance

      Braille Lithium Chargers web link.

      Physical Specs

      Chemistry PB
      Length (in) 10.9″
      Width (in) 6.8″
      Height (in) 7.5″
      Weight (lbs) 45
      Terminal Type Steel stud
      Polarity Right

      Technical Specs

      5S PCA 2390
      10s PDC 215
      Voltage 12
      Capacity (Ah) 75.0
      Capacity (Wh) 900
      Charging Temperature    0C to 50C
      Discharge Temperature range  -40C to +60C
      Storage temperature  -40C to +60C


      Recharge Voltage 14.4V – 14.6V
      Maintenance charge voltage 13.8V

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