Tire Watch_ LMS Wheel Unit Sensor

LeMans Sports Car (LMS) Wheel Unit Sensor

High performance material to endure centrifugal stress Simple and robust concept to adapt the sensor on all rims standard nuts and external rim.

Available Configurations:

1. with no valve stem

2. with 8mm valve stem

3. with 11mm valve stem

Standard Sampling: 1 Hz for Pressure & T° (1 race season life)

Monitored Temperature Range: -40°C to +125°C (temperature scenario)

Measuring Pressure Range: 0 to 3,5 bar

Monitored Acceleration Range: 0 to 2000G (360 km/h @ 19’)

Wheel Unit Weight: 31 g

Pressure accuracy: ±13.7 mbar

Temperature accuracy: ±1°C

RF Transmission: FSK / 434 MHz°

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