Tire Watch_ RCU_Gen 4

Gen 4 Receiver Control Unit - 2 Antenna

Two Antenna Receiver Control Unit (known as an RCU) is a system for real-time detection, monitoring and storage of tire pressure and temperature data. Consisting of multiple components (which can be ordered separately or as a kit) the auto racing version uses one RCU to receive live data signals from the wheel sensors (WUS) installed on the inside of the rim, replacing the valve and integrating the valve itself, via two antenna system located near the wheel axles.

The RCU is equipped with a free wire output and can interface with the vehicle logger via CAN line or analog signals. It is also equipped with internal memory for the eventual recording of parameters while the vehicle is running.

The system can be improved with optional triggers, paddock surveys, or mini-displays, depending on the team’s needs.

Electrical Features
- Frequency: 434MHz
- Supply Voltage: 9Vdc to 16Vdc
- Supply Current: 60mA at 12V (Connected to ignition)
- CAN bus 2.0A active, 125kps to 1Mbps
- Each sensor transmits a unique encrypted serial number

Mechanical Features
- Weight: 100g
- Size 111mm x 64mm x 23mm
- Sealing connector on wires

Environmental Features
- Resistant to standard motorsport fluids
- Operating Temperature: -10 to + 85C
- Vibration random spectrum for 2 hours

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