MoTeC 2016-19 Ford Focus RS PNP Package

*This is the package that suits our 2016-19 Ford Focus RS PNP Kit. This is just the package for the kit, no other items are included.

This kit provides a complete replacement for the factory Ford Focus RS ECU. It utilizes existing vehicle wiring and sensors to deliver plug-in convenience. Using an integration patch harness and a MoTeC M142 ECU, the kit delivers fully programmable engine control to the platform while maintaining stock vehicle systems functionality. The M1 ECU is supplied with firmware based on the MoTeC USA Drag packages with additional enhancements and features unique to the 2016 – 2019 Ford Focus RS platform and motorsports demands.

The kit includes an M142 ECU, “Plug & Play” patch harness, Fender-well Mounting Kit, MoTeC LTC, and an LSU 4.9 lambda sensor.

The package supports the following OE ECU features with user-definable parameters:

  • Push button start
  • Air conditioner control
  • Variable speed coolant fan control
  • Fuel lift pump control
  • Cruise control
  • Take Off Assist
  • Drive modes
  • AWD/RDU integration
  • Exhaust valve control
  • Alternator control
  • Fully functioning odometer and trip meter
MoTeC 2016-19 Ford Focus RS PNP Package

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