MoTeC M1 GPRP-Pro Package

This is the GPRP-Pro package which also includes paddle shift functionality. Click HERE for the datasheet with all the features of this package.

GPRP Pro is a sophisticated engine control Package centered around calculating and controlling engine torque via throttle opening and ignition control.

Built with race functionality and Paddle Shift Gearbox Control, this Package includes all the key characteristics of MoTeC's GPRP Package, plus Torque Control, Dual Plenum Fuelling and much more.

Cutting-edge features that improve engine performance, driver consistency, and tuning simplicity are combined to make a Package suitable for the highest levels of professional motorsport.

A GPRP Pro ECU fully integrates with other MoTeC products and provides pre-defined CAN messaging for current Displays, Loggers, E888, Video CaptureSystems, GPS, ADRs, BR2, PDMs, SLMs, and Keypads.

Key ‘Pro’ Features:
  • Torque Based Throttle Control throughout the Package provides faster control response, improved drivability, and seamless transitions.
  • Sophisticated Traction Control with dynamically adjustable closed loop control works in conjunction with the flexible Traction Model system.
  • Advanced Paddle Shift Gearbox Control for sequential gearboxes.
  • Refined Flex Fuel and Dual Fuel Control that offers improved tuneability.
  • Boost Control for Dual Banks that integrates with the Torque Control system and provides complete tuning flexibility.
  • Boost Servo Control for Boost Control, blow-off valve or turbo surge prevention.
  • Dual Plenum Fuelling, adaptable to each bank’s respective sensor set.
  • Vehicle Speed measurement using a combination of inputs.
  • Configurable Throttle Pedal options for improved consistency, control, and feel.
  • Improved Tuning Tools for fine-tuning and time-saving.
  • Greater configurability for Knock Control.
  • Vehicle Pitch and Roll inputs with Pitch Control to prevent drag car wheel stands.
  • Clutch Slip Control for protection or maximizing clutch performance.
  • Automatic Fallback and Limp Home Strategies.

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