MoTeC M400 ECU

Please note:

These are not available for purchase online. This is purely for informational and pricing purposes. Please contact us directly for details on a MoTeC ECU for your project.

The M400 is a powerful and cost effective ECU for modern four cylinder and two rotor applications. Using advanced M800 technology, it controls the latest automotive innovations such as continuously variable camshaft timing and drive by wire throttle.

It is fully programmable and has been designed with high performance road cars and racing vehicles in mind. Install it as a stand-alone ECU or as part of a complete motorsport-ready engine management and data acquisition solution.


    • 4 x Injector outputs—high or low ohm
    • 4 x Ignition outputs
    • 8 x Auxiliary outputs—for functions such as camshaft control, drive by wire throttle, boost control, nitrous injection, idle speed stepper motor and many more


      • 8 x Analogue voltage inputs—fully configurable including custom calibrations
      • 6 x Analogue temperature inputs—fully configurable including custom calibrations
      • 1 x Wideband Lambda input—for Lambda measurement and control
      • 4 x Digital/speed inputs—for wheel speeds and function activation


        • 1 x CAN
        • 1 x RS232


        • Case size 147 x 105 x 40 mm
        • Weight 500 gram
        • 1x 34 pin and 1 x 26 pin waterproof connector with gold plated contacts

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