RaceGrade 6 Channel Current Module

The RaceGrade 6 Channel Current Module contains six individual current sensors used to monitor in-line current of individual circuits.


The current module must be placed in series with the circuit of the device you are measuring. The module can be placed anywhere in the circuit, but it must interrupt the circuit when the 12-pin connector is unplugged from the RaceGrade Current Module. In the 12-pin connector you will find two terminals are used per channel. One is positive (+) and one is negative (-). This defines the polarity of the current flow through the current sensor. The current sensor measures positive current, so if the circuit is completed in reverse then the measurement will always be zero amps. The correct direction for the measurement is current flow entering the positive terminal
and exiting the negative terminal. See the wiring chart and wiring examples below for reference.

RaceGrade 6 Channel Current Module

RaceGrade 6 Channel Current Module
Current Range: 5A per channel(1)
Resolution: 2.5 mA
CAN ID: 0x310(2)
CAN bus speeds: 1 Mbps(2)
Transmit Rate: 500 Hz(2)
Supply Voltage: 8 - 28 VDC
Supply Current: 100 mA
Temperature Range: -20°C to +85°C
Dimensions: 102 x 69 x 36 mm
4.0 x 2.70 x 1.42 in
Ingress Protection Rating: IP 68 Potted

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